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Glenn Rice Jr. gets ejected; flashes middle finger toward Ginebra fans

When the stakes are high, emotions are high too. TNT Ka Tropa's import Glenn Rice Jr. didn't handle his emotions well as he gets ejected after a scuffle with Ginebra rookie Kevin Ferrer. At the 1:41 mark of the 1st period in their 4th outing in the semis, Rice did not like Ferrer's pesky defense so he reacted and pushed Kevin on the neck. The referees immediately called a flagrant foul on Rice Jr but he throws the ball to Ferrer.

Rice also had a verbal altercation with one of the Ka Tropa's coaching staff. Glenn Rice Jr was slapped with flagrant foul penalty 1 and a technical foul for throwing the ball to the opponent.

Screengrab from Sports5 youtube livestream

On his way to the dugout Rice flashes a middle finger to the Ginebra fans who also has some words for him.

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