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Kai Sotto grows 3 more inches to stand at 7'2", projected to grow to 7'5"

Last 2016 a 13 year-old filipino baller went viral because of his height. Kai sotto who is 6'9" when his story went viral on social media is the son of retired PBA Player Ervin Sotto.

Earlier this year Sotto is standing at 6'11" he grows 2 inches in a span of 1 year. According to his father the Batang Gilas center is projected to grow to 7'5". But in mid 2017 according to sports writer Enzo Flojo's tweet 15-year-old Sotto is now standing at 7'2".

Enzo Flojo asked Kai if he is now a legit 7 footer but Kai replied that he is now 7'2".


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